Thursday, November 10, 2005

Well its been a long time, hasn't it...

A number of things have happened since my last posting:

1. Rusty James, my fish:

Has still not gotten back to normal(he's been spitting food out any time i give him any), but he's strong, and has proven to me that he will not die, even though he doesn't eat the food that I give him.

2. I sold a t-shirt:

3. Also, as you can see from that pic, it is now fall, which means, of course, that winter is coming soon. Soon ice will cover from Onondaga lake to the highest crest on Clarendon St. Snow will illuminate the entirety of Syracuse City, and I will wake up every morning with the mass bi-daily migration of crows from the valley where the dead rest to the tops of the trees outside my window.

4. I've been decorating my room:

I found this gem at books and memories, the awesomest bookstore in the whole city (I imagine). Kate Bush Ca. 1985. What bookstore has that?! Also, some really awesome 45's:
a. breakfast club
b. berlin
c. elton john
d. toto

5. I just cleaned the drain with my roommate, Kyle.

6. The dog house (504 Clarendon St.) Had a few visiting dawgs last weekend, Ezra of Internet Vibes, and New-kid-on-the-block, Andrei P.

7. I ate lots of pizza
a. Tonight (1 slice sicilian, Johnny's Pizza)
b. Friday night (5 slices, some black olives, Dominoes, with visiting + local dawgs: des, pete)
c. Had lots of brie on nice bread on monday, and afterwards, I felt like i had just eaten pizza.
d. Probably will eat pizza tomorrow, clint says...

8. I learned its hard to make lists on blogspot...

9. Registered for classes next semester, including:
a. Tennis
b. boring...

10. Gonna go to maine tomorrow to shoot the rest of Kyle's film, working title: 2-B.

11. I have a radio show.... NOW!

be seeing you...


Anonymous clint h said...

HEY WES. this post you posted was funny. I think the drain is working pretty well now. I promised I would clean the toilets since you cleaned that thing, but I probably won't do that for a while. I'd better go now and let you get back to your own affairs.

keep in touch,


10:42 AM  
Anonymous a lake said...


plz make sunglasses for kate


7:28 PM  
Anonymous Joe Bloggs said...

dued,update ur blog

7:30 PM  

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