Thursday, October 27, 2005

In your eyes

The light the heat in your eyes... i am complete I'm still in the midst of adapting my v-drums picture to t-shirt via silk-screen:

The recording sesh went well, we passed the doobie to cool down (j/k i don't smoke weed), then jammed out to some ethereal synths courtesy of the Korg Poly-61.

Apparently the beats that my buddy Clint and I made were a little too *extreme* for the guys in the booth. They had been recording local punk rock bands for a few weeks, and couldn't tell what we were going for.

"The whole song is based on subtle differences," I said, when the guys in the booth said how they couldn't tell the difference between the chorus and the verse... I was trying to emulate Talking Heads in almost every way.

This tuesday we'll have finished the recording...


Anonymous a lake said...

dued that's cool
i didnt kno you were going to see egon schiele stuf...

all da original ny punks liked hiim a lot... probably cuz of his crazy hair and melting style..

2:49 PM  

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