Thursday, October 27, 2005

In your eyes

The light the heat in your eyes... i am complete I'm still in the midst of adapting my v-drums picture to t-shirt via silk-screen:

The recording sesh went well, we passed the doobie to cool down (j/k i don't smoke weed), then jammed out to some ethereal synths courtesy of the Korg Poly-61.

Apparently the beats that my buddy Clint and I made were a little too *extreme* for the guys in the booth. They had been recording local punk rock bands for a few weeks, and couldn't tell what we were going for.

"The whole song is based on subtle differences," I said, when the guys in the booth said how they couldn't tell the difference between the chorus and the verse... I was trying to emulate Talking Heads in almost every way.

This tuesday we'll have finished the recording...

Monday, October 24, 2005


Early Autumn Bacteria:

Last weekend we had a water advisory in Syracuse:

The Onondaga County Health Department has issued a boil water order until further notice for the southeastern portion of the City of Syracuse, which includes both Syracuse University's North Campus and South Campus. The order has been issued due to test results received today identifying the presence of E-coli bacteria in water samples.

My house was right smack in the middle of the affected area. It had been raining for a week straight, it was cold, and I had been wearing my gigantic Irish cardigan with zig-zags on the sides.

I sat on the blue chair in my kitchen and waited for the water to boil one morning/late afternoon. Not that having to boil water before you drink it is so devastating -they have to do that everyday in some places- but I still couldn't help but feeling like the world is in a state of proto-apocalypse. Ezra recently explored this vibe in more depth in his blog 'internet vibes', so I'll leave the 'vibing' to him.

But more corporally, my friend John was hit pretty hard by some sickness, however, he claimed to have gastroenteritis (a food-poisoning-type illness that I experienced 3 years ago after eating some 'cheese sticks'. The symptoms are suspiciously similar to poisoning caused by e.coli), and another acquantaince claimed to have gotten sick, although I don't believe him.

I just barely made it out of Syracuse alive. I hopped on the luggage level on some bus that was leaving for Manhattan last friday morning, and saw some awesome art over the weekend. I hit up the Neue Gallery on saturday, and checked out the work of Egon Sheile, whom I really wish I could have met.

But now the weekend has come to a close, and I must return to work, music, and sleeping.

Tomorrow I will go to newhouse studios to record a crazier, more full length version of a new wave song I wrote last winter...

...I'll post the rough cuts later this week

And finally, I fixed the comments, so that you can comment even if you dont have a blog.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Dark...Dark in the Daytime

Last weekend I went on a trip back to the windmills with my friend Desira... It was pouring, as it has been this entire week, but we had thrown on some non-dress-uppy clothes, and we spent most of the time lying on the wet grass. I looked up at the giant windmills and imagined that at the zenith of the blades' slice, was a basketball hoop...

It was dark in the sky, and really, really green on the earth.
'If we were on the moon, we could probably dunk that high.' I'm sure Desira would have agreed if I had said it outloud.

The rest of the week I kept thinking about how many space-men could fit on a t-shirt. Horozontally, and vertically.

Last week I finished this shirt...

There's 12 on this one.
3 rows of 4
4 columns of 3

but I think I can fit more.

Imagine a stack of space-men high enough to reach the top of a windmill.

Thursday, October 06, 2005


Welcome to Tennisman's Wharf

...this is me:

My roommate, Kyle, took this picture yesterday afternoon. Kyle and I had been cleaning up the gigantic shrub in our backyard, and I found the vine from which I made this sculpture. It had fallen from the fence between my house and our neighbor Dick's house. Dick is a nice guy with two dogs, and a funny voice...we dont know his girlfriend's name, so we call her Mrs. Dick. Thanks for the pic, Kyle!

My name is Wes, but friends often call me 'wes-man'. I live in Syracuse, NY where I'm studying to become a windmill technician. J/k, but seriously, I study physics, and I'd love to work on helping the world move towards renewable energy, even if it WERE through being a technician on windmills.

Up here in Syracuse, we have some serious windpower being generated, at Fenner windfarm. One of the biggest windfarms in America:

Thos are my buddies: Clint and Stone. Can you tell how big those windmills are? Well, they are very big... over 300ft tall big; all 20 of them.


What I really wanted to say was that I make t-shirts up at Syracuse, like the one that my friend Ezra showed a picture of in his awesome blog just earlier tonight. Props to Ezra and his awesome blog: INTERNET VIBES. I have a link on my page, so check it out!

I'll be periodically posting my t-shirts, music, and various art on this page... If you want a shirt, or 'just wanna talk?', send me an email:

-wes man

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Welcome to Tennisman's Wharf

Wed, Oct. 5 2005

Welcome to Tennisman's Wharf

Wes Miles